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Online magazine and CMS system

Dulux Let’s Colour Magazine

AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and major producer of specialty chemicals. Dulux is AkzoNobel’s leading paint brand in the UK.

AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company and major producer of specialty chemicals. Dulux is AkzoNobel’s leading paint brand in the UK.

Problem / Opportunity

Fotolia has a vast, ever expanding picture catalogue. To make these pictures discoverable to users requires very detailed categorisation along many dimensions. In this instance, they needed pictures of people categorised along with the number of people in picture, ethnicity, gender and the age group of each person. Fotolia used to employ a dedicated workforce to enrich their pictures with this highly specialised data. The workforce could not keep up with new image influx nor was it run cost effectively. This is when they approached us.

Innovation Team

We brought together our branding and visual experts, our Creative Director and Senior Frontend Architects with the Dulux Product Owner and Magazine Publisher. Together we formulated the vision for the magazine, created branding guides following the Dulux global corporate identity, proposed new navigational concepts and presented the full designs.


The designs directly convinced the Dulux product team and we started to build the next generation content publishing framework. We created a streamlined AngularJS based content administration backend on top of the fully documented RESTful API. The magazine is presented as SEO optimised server side rendered content with progressively enhancing capabilities based on browser features. The site is fully responsive and highly performant.

Special attention was required for colour representations with integrations into existing Dulux online eCommerce solutions as well as the dynamic colour mark up of images called HotSpots.

For colour markup we developed a specialised tool that allows editors to upload custom images, select areas in the picture, get suitable Dulux colours recommendations and link them to the online purchasing system. The HotSpots are always properly displayed on the image with our placement algorithm. Display is always correct on all aspect ratios, devices and form factors.


Up to now Dulux published three magazine editions on the new platform. They now have a very fresh looking online magazine, that successfully drives traffic to their sales channels and sustains higher engagement. They are able to maintain the content themselves and keep the magazine up to date.

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